At Sisu Stories, we search for people with inspiring stories, and we find the right brands to tell those stories. We've found that there are so many amazing stories that need to be told, and brands have the platform to make that happen.

Once we’ve heard your story and learned about the things that are most important to you, we’ll search for unique branded campaign opportunities – they could be anything from a social media partnership to a commercial featuring your story.

Our #1 goal is to find the right brand who aligns with your values and can help share your story and message with the world.


For example, a brand is doing a female empowerment campaign and they want to find women rock climbers in Colorado.

If you’re a female climber in Colorado and we know you, then you could be the perfect match for their campaign – whether it’s a 1-minute video for their social media channels or a photo shoot and interview for their website. We’ll then introduce you to the brand so you can start sharing your story.


Interested in having your story told?