As part of Brawny's 2018 "Sheros" campaign for Women's History Month, we sourced the stories of courageous, strong, and resilient women who have overcome obstacles and are now giving back to their communities in unique ways.

Brawny chose to feature the story of Rachel Wilson, a female veteran who overcame struggles with both physical and emotional trauma and is now serving the veteran community by providing equine-assisted therapy at her family’s ranch in Texas.

After selecting the story, Brawny also enlisted our help in producing a 1-minute video showcasing why Rachel is a true hero. We partnered with powerhouse female director Jane Qian to create a video that was featured on Brawny’s website, Youtube channel, and across their social media platforms under the hashtag #StrengthHasNoGender.



For Bose’s digital campaign entitled “Music is My _______” we sourced stories of people who have a strong connection to music and wanted to share how it makes them feel, transforms their experiences, and pushes them to achieve more.

Bose wanted one of the films in the series to incorporate its first on-ear wireless Soundlink Bluetooth headphones. For this particular video, Bose chose the story of Cici Anderson, an LA-based artist who uses her Bose headphones to drown out the noise of the city and focus on the details that she finds most inspiring. Music is a fundamental part of her creative process, and her Bose headphones allowed her to channel her artistic spirit into creating her masterpieces.

In addition to story sourcing, we also supported Bose in producing a short video about Cici from start to finish that was featured on Bose’s Youtube channel.