SISU STORIES works with brands to understand your marketing objectives and creative direction. We evaluate what types of stories will align with your brand ethos and resonate most powerfully with your audience.


We then source the best, most relevant stories to amplify your message and support your campaign. We use specialized research skills and technologies (including memberships to exclusive story sourcing programs) as well as a network of journalists to find incredible stories.


We then match your campaign to professionally vetted people who have each undergone a background check and preliminary interview and are ready to work with you.


We’ll present you with options and help you choose the perfect story for your campaign. Then we’ll introduce you to the story subject and you can take it from there!


Need some help with execution? Not a problem! We can also help you create the content you need to tell the story best. 



Let’s say your brand is planning a women’s empowerment campaign focused on female entrepreneurs, and you’d like to create a 1 minute video for your social media channels. We’ll find the best stories of enterprising women who have overcome the odds or worked tirelessly to support their community by creating jobs. Plus, we’ll also look for women whose journeys have been impacted by your product or service.

Because we’ve made it our mission to discover and meet people with incredible stories, we’ll likely already know the right person to inspire your audiences. And if we don’t, we’ll find them. We’ll then present a list of our top picks to your team. All you have to do is select the story you love the most, and we’ll make the introduction.

All of our story subjects are vetted and ready to go, so you can hit the ground running with your campaign as soon as the introduction is made.